Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus Ready to Make World Debut in a Match Against Chievo in Serie A Defense

The weekend of August 18-19 is set for Ronaldo’s big move to Juventus from Real Madrid. It is highly anticipated by his fans and the rest of the world as he begins a new phase in his career at his former team’s rivalry.

An extended post-World Cup break was of course given to Ronaldo. This extension has led to the Portuguese star player’s absence from Juventus training and pre-games. The 33-year-old footballer will be seen in competitive action for the first time since his big debut with Real Madrid when he was paid £100m. Fans most especially are beyond excited to see the Portuguese star player show his skills during the Verona clash.

Juventus football manager Massimiliano Allegri and his new team mates are eager to have Ronaldo in Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo of course aims to stand out and make a good first impression on the Juventus coach.

The Serie A is a big deal in the football community and Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi in Verona, Italy can occupy 40,000 people. The crowds that will flock the stadium is expected to soar with Ronaldo’s big debut at Juventus.

There is a huge possibility that the Lazio will be the opponent of Juventus during Ronaldo’s first domestic game with his former rival team. Fans and supporters still have high hopes that the Portuguese player will compete alongside Juventus in the International Champions Cup against Real Madrid. Despite such expectation, the player is still on post-World Cup break making the match just a remote possibility for now.

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