Training Session for Liverpool and Star Player Mo Salah Commences at Melwood

Premier League‘s opening has been dusting off quite well on Liverpool as they open with a match against West Ham last Sunday. As Jurgen Klopp promised, one starter win will not stop Liverpool from hustling hard. Mo Salah and his teammates were spotted grinding and rolling on the floor with their foam rollers during training last Wednesday.

With the upcoming game next Tuesday, Crystal Palace should highly anticipate Liverpool’s arrival on Monday night. The entire Liverpool squad went through rigorous training in terms of form and endurance, thus the foam rollers. Foam rolling exercises enable self-massage, relieving the body from muscle tightness which overall contributes to full functionality and recovery.

After the foam rolling session, the team moved on to their usual training rounds which included passing and dribble exercises. As he promised, manager Jurgen Klopp took no complacency during the Liverpool training as he oversaw the players stretch and train from the stationary bike.

The 51-year-old German manager is still deciding in terms of the rotation he will conduct for the Palace game on the 22nd. There is nothing set in stone yet but the XI that got them a 4-0 win against West Ham is still strong, and maybe new transfer 24-year-old Fabinho may even launch his game in Liverpool.

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