Liverpool’s Mo Salah Tests Injured Shoulder for World Cup Opener

There’s no one else who wants to make it in time for the World Cup opener against Uruguay than Mohamed Salah. The player has been in treatment since the Champions League final against Real Madrid, with quite the willingness to recover but not so much for the certainty of doing so according to managing director Ehab Lehita.

The Egyptian player has been quite desperate to achieve physical fitness and wellness for the World Cup opener on June 15. He has gone through several tests to strengthen his injured shoulder since his big arm tangle with Sergio Ramos.

Despite the uncertainty of Salah’s playing capacity, the Egypt FA is still hopeful the 25-year-old will be able to play the match next week. “He is gradually getting better. However, I cannot confirm today that he will play in the first match.” according to Ehab Lehita.

Salah was named one as one of the fellows in the 23 man squad for the first World Cup appearance in 28 years. The Egyptian footballer has yet to train alongside his national teammates. The Egypt team is based in Akhmat Arena located in Grozny where Salah was seen out on a Tuesday evening.

The footballer wasn’t quite himself yet and stepped out just for some shoulder exercises with workout equipment like exercise balls and elastic bands. These will hopefully help examine his resistance and robustness.

Former Egypt international Mido released a statement to Sky Sports, saying he expects Salah to take part in the opening match of their country. “But anyway we have a good team, well organized and hopefully Salah is not there to start the game hopefully the boys will do well,” Mido adds.

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