New Footage Surfaces Revealing Mo Salah Causing His Own Shoulder Injury  

The infamous shoulder hook has finally been revealed to the public from new footage showing the incident happening from another angle. Several football fans all over the world have seen the injury as quite a controversial issue, placing quite a lot of blame on Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos. The incident was more than just an injury; it became quite a big deal even leading to an Egyptian lawyer suing Ramos for €1 Billion for causing Mo Salah’s countrymen mental and physical trauma.

In spite of many people thinking Sergio Ramos intentionally trapped Salah’s arm in an attempt to subdue Liverpool’s attacking Line in the Champions League Final. New footage has been revealed, suggesting a whole new take on Mo Salah’s shoulder injury. The Egyptian Liverpool player was spotted grabbing onto Ramos’ arm first creating a shoulder lock. Salah and Ramos fell first onto the ground with the arm lock still intact, leaving people wondering, why didn’t Salah let his arm go?

With Mo Salah’s treatment ongoing in Spain, Liverpool’s physio since rejected that the player will have to stay on the sidelines for months, instead Salah will only be on the down low for a few weeks prior to the World Cup.

The world may hate on Sergio Ramos but this new evidence just comes to show that it isn’t entirely his fault. The Real Madrid captain expressed his sentiments and get-well message for Mo Salah on social media via Twitter, absolving any blame that he intentionally caused the Liverpool player’s serious injury. Salah, who is in Spain being treated for his shoulder injury, strongly refuses to blame Ramos for jeopardizing his World Cup dream. Salah and his peers believe that there is still a fighting chance for the player to make it in time for the June 15 match against Uruguay.

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