Real Madrid’s Champions League Victory Sets off Liverpool Fans on the Ledge  

Saturday night in Kiev was a big night for football fans across the world with Real Madrid winning the Champions League against Liverpool 3-1. The third championship win for Real Madrid was achieved with great team effort and coaching dynamic by Zinedine Zidane, but most especially for the spectacular move by Welsh player Gareth Bale.

Liverpool players Virgin van Dijk and Trent Alexander Arnold among others led to the final match for the team. Starting strong was not a problem for the Reds but, once their Egyptian forward was injured on the shoulder, the rest of their game dynamic faltered. Mohamed Salah got an insane shoulder injury from Sergio Ramos who basically hauled the player all the way to the ground.

Although the Reds performance was quite precarious late in the game, they were able to pick up their game with quite a remarkable approach. Senegalese winger for Liverpool, Sadio Mane tapped home past Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas.

The final match was marked with Gareth Bale’s impressive victory-leading kick from the edge of the penalty area. Liverpool’s goalkeeper Lorius Karius was left with zero opportunity to catch the ball as it huddled into the topmost corner of the net.

An Emotional Loss for Liverpool Fans

The big loss was quite a devastating hit for Liverpool fans that came from all over the world to Kiev to watch the final Champions League match. Several Reds fans were spotted in Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport waiting for their turn to fly home to their respective countries.

All direct flights from Kiev to Liverpool were fully booked until late next week. Approximately more than 30,000 fans are struggling to get on a plane back to the UK with sights of Liverpool fans laying and lounging around the Kiev airport.

Hating on Lorius Karius

Liverpool fans across the world, especially on the internet have been piling on goalkeeper Karius for the team’s loss. Karius gave Gareth Bale the opening to score Real Madrid’s first goal throughout the match. This spiraled into a meme all over the Twitter where many fans expressed their pitty, grief, anger, and disappointment towards Karius performance.

The Liverpool player expressed his apology for his mistakes despite all the criticism and hate.
“I don’t feel anything right now. Today I lost my team the game and I feel sorry for everyone.”  The 24-year-old German goalkeeper made a statement to Talk Sport.

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