PSG’s Neymar Endures One Last Round of Medical Tests Prior to World Cup Return  

The World Cup is fast approaching and the whole world is waiting and watching how the big teams are preparing. Aside from the intense training sessions and conditioning, players also go through several medical tests to ensure safety health standards are met prior to the big games. With several players landing injuries here and there, the need for proper medical and physical check-ups are a good idea.

Paris Saint Germain’s Brazilian forward is one of those unlucky fellows who was injured during a French league game against Olympique de Marseille last February 25, 2018. Since then, he has undergone surgery and physical therapy towards his recovery period in time for the World Cup. Now that the most anticipated cup of the year is approaching, Neymar is taking preparations with good caution and seriousness.

Neymar was basically gone half the season because of his foot injury which will be quite a comeback to watch when he does play on the world stage. Recovering from a broken metatarsal and sprained ankle took quite some time but rehabilitating his fitness looks quite successful with him showing great signs of him running and jumping during the medical.

He was also snapped running on the treadmill proving his rehab has definitely been promising. The 26-year-old Brazilian football star has also been documenting his recovery journey, sharing with fans via social media the steps he took to get to where he is now.

Friendlies with Croatia and Austria will be Brazil’s first endeavor before the launch of the World Cup campaign. June 17, they face Switzerland as their first opponent for the World Cup. To get past the group stages, Brazil will have to overtake Serbia, Costa Rica, and Switzerland in Group E.

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