Manchester City Extends Pep Guardiola’s 2 Year Contract for Season 2020-2021

With the recent Premier League championship going to Manchester City, Spanish football manager’s coaching performance led to the already unexpected to take place. The 47-year-old Manchester City coach recently extended his contract with Manchester City until season 2021.

Pep Guardiola initially had one year left with the club on his current contract, but it looks like his new deal will keep him in Manchester for a few more years. This contract is actually much longer than his previous contracts with Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the past.

After a notable season, Manchester City is on its way to the top with more pressure and challenges to deal with in the upcoming season. Taking home the victory breaking records, hitting the most goals throughout the season definitely paid off all the hard work and training Guardiola endured with his team.

Guardiola expresses his glee saying “I am so happy and excited. It’s a pleasure to be able to work here.” Etihad is clearly pleased with Guardiola’s future commitment with them, which led to the coach’s annual salary increase, from a whopping £15 million to a figure close to £20 million.

Pep’s Future Commitment with Manchester City

The Spaniard is confident that he can keep his team going and motivated in the near future. “We have a young squad with an average age of 23 and we want to keep taking steps forward and maintain the levels we’ve achieved this season.” the Manchester City coach adds.

Guardiola had a three year deal with Etihad, which many people started to be skeptical about. He was known to be quite a risk with the fact that he has never remained coaching for a club longer than four years.

In the hopes of his new contract, the skepticism is bound to change, but it is hard to deny that Guardiola stepped up and proved his place in Manchester City. Football director Txiki Begiristain adds “Pep has shown his style can succeed in the Premier League in a way it has never been done before.”

With Guardiola’s contract extension at hand, several pros are aligned for the team. One is achieving the transfer targets for Manchester City. New players like Riyad Mahrez and Jorginho are some who will experience the magic that Manchester City brews. Guardiola has yet to mold these new players, with 77 wins in 113 matches and breaking the 100-point barrier in Premier League history.

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