Light Training for Liverpool Players for Upcoming Match Against Chelsea

The highly anticipated match against Chelsea that will take place on Sunday, May 27 has Liverpool in preparations. One bizarre thing is that despite the expected intensity that the game would bring on Sunday, Liverpool seems to be having quite the breeze during training. The football players were spotted having quite the laugh and blissful moments with one another instead of rigorous series of training obstacles.

In spite of Liverpool’s defeat against Roma 4-2, the team still got a shot at redemption while landing a spot on aggregate in the Champions League. There’s a huge amount of work left to do despite getting a shot, there’s no guaranteed top-four spot for Liverpool. Liverpool’s football manager still has a great deal of work to do with his players before their big game on Sunday, which is why it’s odd that the team seems to be more at ease than ragged at training.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Chelsea is a tough team to beat, but what makes this match highly sought out for is Chelsea’s power play over Liverpool’s top-four spot. They’re basically the only team that can take Liverpool’s spot in the final four, which gives Antonio Conte’s team the chance to equalize their points against Huddersfield midweek.

Whatever the turnout of this Sunday’s match, the final four will not be finalized and announced until next weekend’s final round of fixtures. As for the starters against Chelsea, Mo Salah does not turn down an opportunity to lead the team, as well as the chance to set more goal records.

The 25-year-old Egyptian footballer has earned 42 goals in 49 matches this past season. He is currently leading in Premier League’s top scorer’s chart. All he needs is one more goal to break the record and surpass Luis Suarez, Alan Shearer, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Liverpool will play against Real Madrid in Kiev on May 23. Hopefully, the outcome will put an end to Klopp’s five-match losing streak in finals.

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