Meeting by Napoli and Juventus Fans in an Alley for a Group Hug  

There is a big rivalry that has given the fans one quite the reputation. When the two groups of fans collided in a narrow alley in Turin street, at first it gives off an impression that a riot could start, but what followed was a big group hug between the two opposing fan groups.

Juventus fans and Napoli fans were found hugging each and every one of the opposing teams while singing joyfully together. Nothing but pure respect and joy was manifested by the two fan groups which is something rare that happens between big rivalry fans.

Sports fanatics tend to go overboard with the intensity and outcome of some games, but the Juventus and Napoli fans showed the complete opposite of hate but camaraderie in this run in. A video of the big group hug was shot a few days towards Sunday’s vital Series A clash. It has been all over social media and viewed millions of times on the internet.

The circumstances of these fans may still change with Napoli securing a vital 1-0 win in the Juventus Stadium last Monday. Napoli defender, Kalidou Koulibaly led the team to a victory with an 89th-minute win.

The winning move brought Napoli fans to hysteria and intense celebration. Failing to contain all the excitement, Napoli fans were raving and singing, filled with fireworks and flares out of ecstasy. According to Italian media, around 10,000 to 20,000 fans and supporters were found waiting just outside Naples Airport for the arrival of the team at midnight.

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