Mohamed Salah: A Potential Ballon d’Or Contender from Liverpool’s Finest

Liverpool’s power forward Mohamed Salah has brought the team several successful wins. Salah’s impeccable performance has helped the team gain 43 goals in just 47 games. It is safe to say that Salah is definitely surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s most successful season in England. Ronaldo scored 42 goals for Manchester United from 2007-2008. Mo Salah still has four more games to play for Liverpool and has already garnered enough trademark goals.

Another remarkable play was the highly anticipated battle between Salah and Roma’s Dzeko. After a few seconds, it was no doubt that Salah was the more superior player, leaving the Roma striker quite secluded.

Calculated Wins

The Egyptian forward has made Liverpool more than noticed within the season. His first goal was deemed inches away from perfect which was a finish executed with utmost precision. The second goal he scored was very casual and just goes to show how the 25-year-old can set his mind to anything and achieve it to his maximum potential.

Mohamed Salah is a great potential contestant for a Ballon d’Or with his divisive and well-delegated gameplay. During the semi-finals against formal team Roma, the forward set up winger and forward Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino for a hat-trick in the second half of the game.

He is one of the highest scorers and had made quite the number of goals in European football this past season. He’s been quite an influential member of Liverpool that his absence led to mismanagement and loss of tenacity and direction for the team. Mohamed Salah is one player that should definitely not overlooked throughout the deliberation process. This kind of player is not hard to nominate for a Ballon d’Or.

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