Gareth Bale Struggles to Meet Zinedine Zidane Halfway Post Juventus Game

Real Madrid still remains to be Gareth Bale’s team of choice to play in. The Real Madrid and Juventus game last April 12 with a score of 1-3 doesn’t change the way the winger feels about Real Madrid, in spite of the half-time hook during the quarter-final over Juventus.

Real Madrid’s football manager, Zinedine Zidane seems to have been cold towards the 28-year-old, removing him after 45 minutes during a momentous game in last Wednesday’s game. This may affect the chances of Bale in playing his fourth European Cup final in five years. The coach has also been benching Bale since the match against Paris Saint-Germain.

Despite the rough relations with Zidane, Bale has been eyed on by other teams in the Premier League in which several rejections were sent off. It is still in the high hopes of the player to get in back into the team with utmost confidence and determination enough to get in Zidane’s good side. It has also been known that Zidane is not the type to hold grudges or close doors towards players.

Along with Bale, Isco, Lucas Vazquez, and Marco Asensio are other players who have been fading from the coach Zidane’s plans for the earlier part of the season. Real Madrid’s midfielder, Casemiro was also removed at halftime against Juventus, so Bale wasn’t the only one benched making the situation seem less personal.

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