Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp Celebrates Great Launch Game Against West Ham but Braces for a Hard Season Ahead  

Liverpool definitely showed up for their victory match against West Ham last Sunday, proving their tenacity and strategy to no end. Manager Jurgen Klopp keeps a steady mindset and braces himself and his team for a difficult season ahead. Despite underlining their Premier League title credentials with a solid 4-0 win over West Ham, Liverpool is not done deconstructing and developing.

Many have been giving Liverpool a boost naming them as the team to challenge Manchester City the most this season. Klopp is steady on not letting his team get carried away by one launch win.

“We have to invest more, we have to fight more, we have to create more. That’s the only thing we expect from ourselves. We will see where it leads to.”Klopp adds.

West Ham’s manager Manuel Pellegrini was found defeated and expressed that Liverpool really outplayed West Ham, despite believing Mane’s second goal which could’ve been ruled out offside.

The Chilean says “’I think Liverpool played better than us. They deserved to win. When you lose 4-0 you cannot have excuses, but I think a couple of balls decided the score. In the first half, we had two or three clear chances to make it 1-1 and we conceded the second goal in the last second of the period.”

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