Liverpool Wins 2-0 in Match against Blackburn Thanks  to Daniel Sturridge

Jurgen Klopp’s boys recently went against Blackburn for a friendly with a leading victory for Liverpool 2-0 yesterday, July 19. 28-year-old striker for Liverpool, Daniel Sturridge has been talked about for the last few months regarding his future with Liverpool, but thanks to the Blackburn friendly, it looks like he has another year of football at Anfield.

Sturridge scored a goal in the smoothest way possible as he went in with an assist for Lazar Markovic during the 63rd minutes of the match. The striker captained the team during the second half of the match which took everyone by surprise on their way home to victory.

Despite stepping up in a friendly, there is more expected from Sturridge to get Liverpool to commit to the player for another year. There is more he has to show and prove moving forward, but it’s safe to say that he started strong with the pre-season friendly, showing off his positive and willful attitude.

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