Zlatan Ibrahimovic Would Play for United for Free  

Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been out of football for quite a while now since getting his ligament ruptured in a game between Manchester United and Anderlecht in the Europa League quarter-final second leg at Old Trafford.

The 36-year-old striker and forward were advised by Manchester United’s medical team to take a month off from practice. Ibrahimovic is linked to a transfer to the US team LA Galaxy.  “Fir Zlatan we all think it’s his last season at Manchester United and will be a very personal decision for him to play or to stop” Jose Mourinho adds in a statement regarding the player’s career.

Manchester United’s Swedish star has accumulated 28 goals during his first campaign at Old Trafford. His streak of luck was interrupted by his April 2017 injury. He has made several appearances despite not being fully recovered prior to joining his mates in LA Galaxy on a free transfer in March.

Earning £2.86million including his goal bonus in his fist season, Ibrahimovic was Premier League’s highest paid player in 2017. Since joining Galaxy, the Swede has been earning £850,000 a year says “The situation was not about having a contract and earning money-it was the opposite. “I don’t want a salary, you keep it.”

The LA Galaxy forward did admit that his career drastically changed its course when he got injured last year. He has scored 11 goals and appeared in 14 games for LA Galaxy in MLS which includes a superb double during his first game against LAFC. “I was feeling I was alive again after a long time doing this recovery. I could not describe the moment. All the eight months for that 20 minutes was worth it. I feel like a god, not like a lion.” Zlatan Ibrahimovic proudly adds.

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