Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez Resumes Training in Time for Tottenham Match  

Going to the internet for some light promotion didn’t go the way Alexis Sanchez thought it would. The 28-year-old Chilean footballer has been abused online by his own fans for endorsing his own sports clothing JJO clothes. The infamous tweet with a promotional video of his clothing line was hounded by millions of Manchester United fans online.

Fans on Twitter were very much concerned with the United player’s timing when he decided to promote his clothing endeavor. People fired back with tweets like “We signed a model for 500k a week.” depicting pure disapproving shade towards Sanchez.

The ad comprised of four images of Sanchez posing for JJO with a video endorsing the whole line with the tagline “More power, more seduction, more attitude, more success more JJO.”

Manchester United’s manager Jose Mourinho expressed his sentiments on the issue and admits that Sanchez should avoid distractions and should avoid being sidelined for more than a fortnight.

Manchester United is scheduled to play against Tottenham on Tuesday, August 28. Alexis Sanchez could potentially miss the opportunity to play since he is coming fresh off recovery from an injury, with Mourinho admitting “I don’t know about Sanchez let’s wait for results but I don’t think it’s a big thing, one week, two weeks max”.

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