Harry Maguire Satisfied with Staying at Leicester Even with Manchester United’s Eyes on Him

Bringing England to the World Cup should be enough to draw attention and opportunities from the rest of the football industry. For Harry Maguire, that is his circumstance but with quite a twist. Manchester United has been showing interest on the 25-year-old Englishman but the team later decided to snub the offers of Maguire’s services.

Maguire was quoted by United worth £65million who played notably by scoring his first goal of the season last Saturday in the match against Southampton. Despite such, the World Cup star is putting all his energy focusing on his career as he prepares for the match against Liverpool tomorrow.

Maguire adds “I want to be on the pitch, whether it is for someone else or for Leicester. ‘I’m an ambitious player and I think we have a really good, talented squad. If we stick together, we can be a real force this year.”

Scoring the last minute win against Southampton helped claimed Leicester’s second win from the opening three games. It’s a long season ahead but Leicester has definitely started it strong with quite the surprise for the rest of the teams. The next game against Liverpool is one to watch as they battle it out tomorrow, Saturday in the King Power Stadium.

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