Young Barcelona Fan Overwhelmed with Tears When Finally Meeting Football Idol Lionel Messi  

It is no surprise that Lionel Messi is beloved all over the world. People from all walks of life are fascinated with the Barcelona star, from football fans in their 60s down to the youngsters with a ripe age of 10 are fans of Lionel Messi.

A young boy who finally met the 31-year-old was found in tears. Barcelona’s official social media posted a video of Messi making time to stop for photos with fans at the airport. Pictures were shot right after the game last Saturday when the team won against Real Valladolid 1-0.

The Argentine legend showed a humble feat by showing up for fans for all their support throughout the years. Hugs and pats on the head were given to the boy and other fans who received more than an autograph from the Barcelona player.

Messi as per usual did not disappoint and started the season with two victories in La Liga. The La Liga champion had Ousmane Dembele in their arsenal as the player makes the only goal at a late VAR scare. The 21-year-old French player made his killer move just an hour after rejecting numerous opportunities despite almost taking last-gasp point by the hosts.

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