Juventus Best Go Hard in Training for Upcoming Match against Atletico Madrid

The Champions League finals are coming up real soon with Italy’s finest Juventus team hustling hard for a much-anticipated game against Atletico Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team may have pulled out of Serie A but on 10 pm on Tuesday, they could possibly hold another crown title. Atletico Madrid will be hosted by the Italian giants in the second leg of their last-16 tie trailing 2-0 from the opening leg, according to the Daily Mail.

The Old Lady was spotted going real hard during their last day of training for the Tuesday match last Monday with Paulo Dybala gracing the final practice round of Juventus. Other Juve favorites showed up, including Giorgio Chiellini and Blaise Matuidi, as Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager spearheaded training.

In order to bask in the Champions League glory, Juve will have to win by a three-goal margin to progress a win in normal time. Ronaldo confidently encourages Juve fans to be optimistic and hopeful for the Tuesday night match.

“We won the Super Cup against Milan, now our goal is the league, of course, and also the Champions League. I think the team is good, is confident, we believe…I want to say to the fans that on Tuesday night let’s think positive, let’s believe. It’s possible, but we need your help to make the stadium beautiful, everyone together. We need your help, as we’ll going to do our job on the pitch, try to score goals and win the game, and we need your support.”

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