Director of Everton Swears to Give Marco Silva Time

Marcel Brands, the director of football in Everton gave the team’s manager, Marco Silva a break and to pause to further develop his plans for Everton’s next few matches. The victory against West Ham marked the third time the team was able to attain consecutive wins in the Premier League under Silva’s management.

Brands took these wins as a signal to give Silva some time and breathing room in the pursuit to make it to the seventh-placed Wolves. In the Football Innovation Summit in London, the Everton director says “Definitely not to break everything up and bring everyone new in. I think one of the most important things in my job is to not get too emotional. One of the most difficult things in my job is to find the right manager, that is one of the most important guys in the club and if you find him, give him the time.”

The continuous changes for a football club is not an approach the director agrees with and admits that the best plan is to get a hold of the club’s culture, develop a plan and then execute step by step. Changing the plan is not always the best idea, adapting seems to be the most underrated yet most effective method many industry leaders don’t often make use of.

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