Racist Claims at the FA, Premier League and EFL Denied despite Zaha and Byrne’s Abuse

Racist rhetoric has been an underlying issue in football and the FA, Premier League and the EFL. Players like Wilfried Zaha and Nathan Byrne have been subjected to such racist behavior by fans online and on the field. The winger for Crystal Palace was called a “monkey” on Twitter while one fan followed suit with Nathan Byrne and sent him an abusive message saying “I hope you and your family die you slave c***”.

Football fans have been proven to be violent on and off the field with even a recent incident of a Brentford fan racially-aggravating Duane Holmes from Derby County. Despite the evidential behavior, racist fans exhibit the bosses of English football claim that there are no kept records of racist incidents on their end.

No logged information on such racist incidents and allegations has been kept on record by the three main football organizations themselves; the FA, Premier League, and EFL. According to The Sun, the FA does not manage or keep any racist abuse cases which are directed to the players from fans since it’s not their main responsibility and that they only deal with incidents that happen to or committed by players, managers, and officials.

However, a spokesperson for the FA says, “The FA investigates all forms of discriminatory abuse at any level of the game, working closely with our partners at Kick It Out.” and that the best way to combat it is to immediately report the abuse incidents to referees on the field.

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