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Discover the meaning of Asian handicap 0.5 while playing with W88 Sportsbook online. Get a 3-step HDP 0.5 bet guide, Sign up with W88 to get a free RM30 credit.

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Before you begin betting on football games, you should familiarise yourself with all of the options available to you at sportsbooks. Thus, with the help of the W88 sportsbook, W88you provides concise explanations along with examples of these football betting options. In order to provide you with the information you need to put HDP 0.5 bets online, we will examine what the Asian Handicap 0.5 implies in betting using simple examples and a betting guide in this piece.

What does football handicap betting entail?

Understanding the goal of the Asian Handicap bet option is essential to appreciate the relevance of the Asian Handicap 0.5 option in sports betting. The handicap betting option was created to equal out games that are occasionally played between a strong squad and an underdog team in sports like football.

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Strong and underdog teams compete more fairly when they are given a goal advantage or disadvantage in Asian Handicap Betting (also known as HDP betting). The strength differential between the teams determines the goal’s disadvantage and advantage, which are represented in the sportsbook by a negative (-) and a positive (+) symbol.

The aforementioned figure illustrates the various sub-betting options that fall under the handicap betting category. Their objective is to influence the actual match outcomes to enhance the entertainment value of the bets that are placed on them. Therefore, the genuine match outcomes will have -1 and +1 goals dropped and added to if the strong team is disadvantaged by -1 goals and the underdog side is handicapped by +1 goals.

Learn the most well-known Asian Handicap 0.5 definition

We shall examine the Asian Handicap 0.5 definition with examples in order to better understand the Asian Handicap explanation. As previously said, handicap goals are given to teams according to their strength differential. Since there are a lot of good football teams, the 0.5 or half virtual goal HDP sub-betting option is frequently displayed beneath the Asian Handicap betting option for the majority of matches.

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  • The team Union Berlin, which is handicapped, has a -0.5 next to its name in the above image, while the team Saint Gilloise, which enjoys a head start advantage, has a +0.5 next to its name.
  • The real match results for the former team will therefore be -0.5 goals lower while the real match results for the latter team will be +0.5 higher.
  • When playing Online Football Betting in Malaysia, the result of this equation will decide who wins the wager.

Asian Handicap +0.5 & -0.5 guidelines for wagering on football

Similar to the previous examples, Asian handicap betting options specify requirements that both teams must satisfy in order for the wagers placed on them to win to be fulfilled. The result of the actual match has a big impact on these factors. Let’s take a closer look at each goal difference, HDP -0.5 and HDP +0.5, using the same match scenario as before.

Union Berlin in the first instance, with a -0.5 goal handicap

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In this instance, Union Berlin has a handicap deficit of -0.5 goals, suggesting that they are the superior team. The team needs to win the actual match by scoring multiple goals in order to win the bets made on them. The wagers made on them will be lost if they lose or draw the game. Thus, the odds in the sportsbook are 2 – 0.5 = 1.5 goals if Union Berlin wins the game with two goals.

Case 2: Saint Gilloise with +0.5 goals as their head start advantage

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In this instance, Saint Gilloise is the underdog according to the bookmakers, with a +0.5 goal advantage. The team must defeat their opponents or tie in order to win the bets placed on them. The wagers made on them will be lost if they lose by more than one goal. Therefore, in the sportsbook, 1 + 0.5 = 1.5 goals will be scored if Union Berlin scores one goal in the actual game.

With W88 Malaysia, discover how to wager on HDP 0.5 while betting on football

In this section of the Asian Handicap 0.5 meaning post, we will introduce you to one of the best betting rules for HDP -0.5 and +0.5 betting in sportsbooks. This will be done through W88, one of the biggest online betting sites in Asia since new sign-ups can get extremely budget-friendly sportsbook bonuses under the W88 Promotion area.

Step 1: Once you log onto your W88 accounts, you can access sportsbooks

  • Consequently, you have to click on ‘Join‘ after visiting W88’s official website by using the link on our webpage. This will direct you to the registration form, which you have to fill out with all required details, such as a strong password and a distinct username.
  • Should you already own a W88 account, select ‘Login‘ to display a pop-up window with your W88 login credentials.

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  • You will be taken to the homepage of the website once you have successfully completed the W88 Register signup process. ‘Sports‘ is where you must click or move your cursor in order to access all of the sportsbook products on the website.
  • Click on the sportsbook of your choice to be directed to a new W88 page where you need to follow the steps listed below.
  • We chose the e-Sports (Asian) sportsbook since it has an RM5 minimum betting amount and is user-friendly, organized, and easy to filter out the selected match to place bets on!

Step 2: Sort the sportsbook to select a match with an HDP of 0.5

  • You may view matches from a variety of sports, odds, and betting options on the new W88 tab. You must first choose ‘Soccer‘ from the options on the left side of your screen in order to filter the sportsbook and locate the desired match.
  • As you can see, you have the option to place bets on live matches or league-wide outrights, as well as further filter matches for Today’s or Future events. We selected this day so that we wouldn’t have to wait too long to find out the match’s results.

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  • You can search for a football match with the HDP 0.5 betting option by scrolling down the screen after completing the preceding steps on the W88 Sportsbook. Next, select the match to move on to step 3.
  • We found that West Ham and AEK Larnaca were playing at HDP 0.5, with West Ham having a goal handicap of -0.5.

Step 3: To secure your bets for the game, enter your wager

You will be directed to a page with all of the betting options for the match you selected in the last stage. Finding the Full Time or FT Asian Handicap betting option is now your task.
Next, beneath this betting option, you must click on the sub-betting option of your choice. A bet slip will then show up on the left side of your screen.

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  • Once you enter the betting amount in the designated slot, you must view the handicap condition on the bet slip together with the betting odds and payment.
  • Click ‘Place Bets‘ to secure your bets, then relax and enjoy the game while you wait for the results, which will be announced after full-time. To find out how to pick and place bets on reliable HDP sub-betting options, read our post on Asian Handicap Betting Tips and Tricks, which can help you win bigger payments.

With a minimum betting stake of RM5 and betting odds of 2.41, we have chosen to wager on the AEK Larnaca team with a +0.5 head-start goal advantage in the sportsbook, as shown in the above image.

How to Use Betting Odds to Place Handicap Bets

Betting on regular matches at sportsbooks is a little bit simpler because the odds and your observations help you decide which betting option is best to choose. The winner of the bets is decided by the actual match’s outcome. This can be challenging in handicapped games, though, as wagers on the team with the advantage have a strong possibility of winning even if they lose the game by a score of zero goals.

Wagered on AEK Larnaca +0.5 @ 2.41Wagered on West Ham -0.5 @ 1.63
W88 what is asian handicap 0 5 meaning in football betting 1W88 what is asian handicap 0 5 meaning in football 1
Condition: For bets to win, AEK Larnaca must win by more than one goal or tie the match.
Condition: For wagers to be successful, West Ham must win by a margin of at least one goal.
Betting odds: 2.41Betting odds: 1.63
Wagering stake: RM5Wagering stake: RM5
Payout if you win the bet: RM12.05Payout if you win the bet: RM8.15

As a result, betting odds operate similarly to other places where they are multiplied by rewards; nonetheless, it is best to use handicap conditions to predict the winning wager. We wager on the team with the headstart advantage even if they have better odds and a greater chance of winning in the aforementioned graphic instances. Even with greater odds, there are instances in which the handicapped team has a reasonable chance of winning.

Even when the odds are low, you should always consider all of the available information before placing a wager on a team in these situations. In the event that a team with a -5 handicap condition is poised to win the actual match but is receiving low odds due to a -5 goal disadvantage in the sportsbook, it is prudent to bet on the underdog team, even if they lose the actual match, as any win is better than none at all.


This article explained the Asian Handicap 0.5 in betting with the use of straightforward instances from W88 sportsbooks. You can now gradually place bets on sporting events using the HDP 0.5 betting option by using this as a reference. There are several promotional perks for your account when you choose W88 as your main online betting site. Lastly, think of W88you as your online betting consultant if you need any further clarifications or advice on sports betting online!

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