Watford Officially Lets Javi Gracia Go

It looks like Watford’s manager, 49-year-old Javi Gracia has been axed from the team which was decided during a meeting held last Saturday by Watford officials. However, Gracia’s position as Watford’s club manager has been on the rocks for a while, specifically since August 31st following a poor season launch, according to Sportsmail.

Former boss, Quique Sanchez Flores will be his temporary replacement as internal confirmation of Gracia’s exit, along with Flores arrival was said to have taken place Friday night which was eventually canceled. However, Gracia took the high road and with a head held high took his last training week as another normal training day. He is gradually taking it day by day as he plans to meet members of his backroom team to bid adieu in his last few days in Watford.

The decision came to Watford executives due to the team’s poor performance under Gracia’s management, having accumulated 9 out of 13 top-flight games, which was tempered by their run to the FA Cup final, which marked a 6-0 against Manchester City.

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