10 Memes that Describe the Perils of Having Acne and Pimples!

Puberty is one part of your childhood that’s already tough to go through, and with most adults telling you it’s bound to end by the time you hit your twenties, the real disappointment syncs in. The adult acne doesn’t disappear, bullies at work still exist, and more grown-up responsibilities are bound to follow you in your early twenties.

Pimples and acne though is one thing that horribly frustrates a lot of people, because, clear skin has become a rather difficult thing to maintain. There’s that heavy feeling, especially for women, when a bunch of pimples starts to appear out of nowhere consistently weeks before your period is supposed to start. Hormonal acne is no joke and can truly harm one’s self-esteem and can totally be a reason for a bad day ahead. Below are a few memes that describe what it’s like to have acne in your prime years.

10 Memes on What Adult Acne is Terribly Like

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Zits have internal damage on the ego, let’s be real

“What will people see?!”

That one friend who has a 10-step Korean Skincare routine

All your hot friends vs. you during puberty

That one good skin week that flies by so fast

When you have acne but don’t know how to do makeup

Better late than never, am I right?

Nothing makes sense anymore

There’s always a catch

Sugar and carbs ain’t going anywhere

Acne Ain’t No Joke

Hormonal acne sucks and it’s something that takes time and patience to treat and deal with. Medication isn’t always the answer or a dermatological peal, but something internal that needs to be remedied. This means having to adjust how we eat and be mindful of how much junk we put in our body because whether we like it or not, the human skin is one that’s tricky to take care of, but necessary to live a good and healthy life.

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