Unai Emery’s Leadership Questioned by Robin Van Persie

Unai Emery has been the Arsenal Gunners manager for 16 months now and in his year and a half of coaching the team. There are a few hits and misses that he has been called out for, but a few players believe there’s a lot more miss when it comes to leadership. Robin van Persie, retired Dutch player at Arsenal thinks the Gunners have been inconsistent under his management and claims the 47-yar-old Spaniard lacks progress in connecting with his players.

These comments manifested after Arsenal’s impressive victory, where Van Persie was asked about the impact of Emery’s impact on the victory. “I don’t think so. I don’t think that Emery really connects with his players. I think they’re still weak on set pieces. That was a problem back in my time, to be honest. There is a question do you play zonal or man-to-man. I think when you’re struggling you play man-to-man. Last weekend they again conceded from a corner kick.” Van Persie said.

There is a sense of danger and consequence that Arsenal players tend to feel under Emery’s reign and Van Persie was not the only one who noticed it. He claims, ‘We are not judging the coach on tonight but the last couple of months or the year before. As a player you want to have that feeling you have to sprint back, now I see a couple of players jogging back. There’s danger there.”

“’I’ve had [Arsene] Wenger, Louis Van Gaal, [Sir Alex] Ferguson and the thing they all had was they were clear. I have to be honest, someone sent me a video last week of him explaining something and I couldn’t understand him. You have to be clear and a leader has to be clear towards his players.” The retired footballer adds.

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