Thailand Gains Highest Rank in FIFA

Thailand recently shocked the world with a qualifying spot at the FIFA World Cup. In line with this recent accomplishment, the War Elephants managed to move five places in the latest FIFA Rankings update. Thailand is now 109th on the FIFA ranking table with the men’s international team bringing in more promising results in contrast to West Asian giants, UAE.

Akira Nishino’s team has definitely exhibited progress since their best average ranking in 2009 when they placed 105th in FIFA rankings. In February 2010, the War Elephants managed to make it to the top 100 but only for a short while, which eventually fells to 121st within the year. In recent years, prior to their gradual improvement, they also fell to 146th place in recent years. However, their most recent victory against UAE has pulled them up on top by seven points in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Vietnam is next who has gained seven points themselves from three matches, where they will face UAE in the next few weeks, while Thailand faces Malaysia in their qualifier.

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