Maurizio Sarri’s 12 Win Streak Finally Comes to An End with Chelsea-Everton Stalemate Match  

Sunday’s 11/11 match between Chelsea and Everton which resulted in a stalemate 0-0. Chelsea’s manager Maurizio Sarri go home with a broken no-loss streak for the season. The 59-year-old Italian coach hasn’t lost a dozen games in a while, but this stalemate match against Everton brings that record to an end.

“’I am really very proud about the record. I know very well I have to say thank you to the club and to my players and to my staff. But, of course, I’d prefer three points.” Sarri says in a statement.

Everton’ goalkeeper Jordan Pickford brings Chelsea players into rigid fruition. The 24-year-old’s defensive resilience definitely brought Marcos Alonso, Alvaro Morata and Eden Hazard into a complete daze.

After the international break, Chelsea will be going against Tottenham at Wembley in their first fixture. The Blues are utmost aware of their rivals possibly leapfrogging them if they lose.

Sarri adds: “The average of Manchester City and Liverpool is very high. I think about 100 points. So it is very difficult to stay close to these teams.”

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