Play like a Pro: How to Play Domino QQ at W88 P2P Games

When accessing w88’s sportsbook and live casino games, most people tend to not give the same attention to other games. Other games which include Super Bull and Fishing World are some of which people don’t really know much about. W88 Games and P2P have various other games aside from fishing games and poker.

W88’s latest addition is Domino QQ which is a variant of poker but with dominoes instead of cards. This game is suitable for players who enjoy online table games as well as avid poker players who would like to try something a little different. Learn how to play Domino QQ in just three easy steps with the guide below.

3 Steps on How to Master Domino QQ at W88

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STEP 1: Select P2P in the Menu Bar and Click on Domino QQ

After the initial step of signing into your w88 account, players should be able to navigate the P2P selection on the menu bar. Click on Domino QQ to proceed to the game. Members can either play on trial mode or play with real money by clicking Try Now and Play Now respectively.

STEP 2: Adjust your Buy-in Amount and Click Join to Proceed to the Table

Before getting to access the Domino table, players must adjust their preferred buy-in amount. Players can buy in as much as 20,000 depending on their wallet’s betting amount. Make sure you have conducted a funds transfer to your gaming wallet before clicking Join.

Players may also familiarize themselves with the basic rules of the game by clicking on settings. The rules of Domino QQ will appear, as well as a simple guide to understanding the proper rankings and winning combinations of the dices when you play.

STEP 3: Wait for the dominos to appear and start placing your bets!

Domino QQ is a game played with a total of 28 double-six dominoes and the objection of the game is to get the highest possible combination from the left to the right hand. Players can either Check, Call, Fold, or Raise once their turn is up. Domino QQ has some similar playing dynamics with poker but using dominoes, which give avid poker players an edge when playing this new W88 game.

Games at W88

Domino QQ in W88  Games is another fun poker variant to try. The dynamics of the game are simple; the only challenge is to be able to familiarize yourself with dominos rather than cards as you place strategic bets. When it comes to leisure and entertainment, W88 has an edge with its P2P and Games at their disposal.

The rules and mechanics are rather direct, which does not only provide the players with ease and interactive fun but an engaging gaming experience at that. W88 hosts several games from easy and intermediate levels to advance levels which all members are open play. Register today and experience w88 gaming like no other!

>> Video tutorial on how to play Domino QQ at W88 Games

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