Manchester City’s Kyle Walker Defends Fans’ Reaction towards Champions League Prior to Shakhtar Donetsk Match  

There have been allegations regarding the lack of atmospheres for the Champions League fixtures. Rightback Kyle Walker has come out to express his sentiments and defends Manchester City fans. Manchester City will be competing against Shakhtar Donetsk but City fans were suspected of avoiding the competition and even booed repeatedly in unison when the Champions League anthem started to play.

Kyle Walker says in a statement: “It is down to us as players to create the atmosphere in there and help the fans,’ Walker said at a pre-match press conference on Tuesday. They are the 12th man. We have an important job on the field to get the victory and we need to make history for this club and that is what we want to do.”

The City players were spotted during training last Tuesday creating their own little bubble despite the trivial noise that ensued. This doesn’t change the fact that there is no room for distraction and playful demeanor for Wednesday’s game.

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