Play like a Pro: How to Play Superbull at W88 Games

W88 has proven time and time again that online leisure time is like no other in Malaysia’s number one online game operator. From live casino to slot games, there’s a variety of games that players can dabble into. Aside from games, you can place wagers in, w88 also hosts an impeccable sportsbook platform where members can place wagers on their favorite clubs and leagues with just a click.

P2P games at w88 are few but true and definitely worth any member’s time and money. Aside from poker, there is also Superbull. Superbull is a P2P game that is similar to poker but instead of playing with other bettors in the table, the player is only going against the dealer. Below is a three-step tutorial on how to access and place your bets in Superbull.

3 Easy Steps on How to Play Superbull P2P Games

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STEP 1: Select P2P in the Menu Bar and Click “Play Now”

After signing into your w88 account, navigate your way to the menu bar and select P2P. Click “Play Now” under Superbull to proceed to the game. Superbull in w88 can be played right from your desktop and does not necessarily have a separate app for players to download and play in.

STEP 2: Choose Your Seat at the Table and Select your Buy-in Amount


Once you have been brought to the Superbull table, players must choose their preferred seating at the table. The buy-in amount ranges from 1k to 3k which the player must select before deciding what to do with their hand.

In Superbull, players can be nominated as a dealer but can also reject the option to do so. In contrast, poker players all take turns counterclockwise to take the role of the dealer.

STEP 3: Start Betting and Choose whether to Take a Hint or Go for the Gold!

After choosing how much buy-in amount you wish to play with, players may be able to bet on the cards they wish to place money on. Players are also given the chance to either get a hint from the dealer’s cards or to risk it all and click on “Go.”

Games at W88

Superbull in W88 Games is a no-brainer. The dynamics of the game are simple; the only challenge is to be able to make quick decisions as you place strategic bets. When it comes to leisure and entertainment, W88 has an edge with its games at their disposal.

The rules and mechanics are rather direct, which does not only provide the players with ease and interactive fun but an engaging gaming experience at that. W88 hosts several games from easy and intermediate levels to advance levels which all members are open play. Register today and experience w88 gaming like no other!

>> Video on how to play Superbull below


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