Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp is certain they still have a Shot at the Title

In spite of losing the match against Everton, 0-0 Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopps expresses his confidence for his team. He went on to defend Liverpool’s winning potential on Sunday night and believes Liverpool is capable of delivering in performance and execution in the next few games till the championship.

Klopp expounds on the frustrating execution of his team and says ‘My feeling is we are really prepared for it. Today was a difficult game for us. We got a point. If somebody should have won the game, I think it was only one team. In a wild game, we had chances, big chances, we didn’t use them.

“Liverpool may have lost their place on top of the roster and with nine games left ahead, people believe that Manchester City is keener on retaining their crown glory. Throughout the competition, Klopp stayed rather reserved in both Liverpool’s wins and losses. However, for the first time in a while, the 51-year-old spoke with real conviction regarding his team’s ambitions for the cup.

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