Juventus Forward Paulo Dybala No Plans to Dive into the Transfer Markets

25-year-old Paulo Dybala has jubilantly expressed his content with Juventus and shuts down rumors regarding any transfer news. Manchester United has had their eyes on Dybala for quite a while now, observing his state in Turin as he slowly molds into one of the players to watch in the football industry.

An upcoming transfer window is slowly nearing and speaking to the Daily Mirror; the Argentine footballer sets rumors straight and rejects the possibility of making any move from Juventus anytime soon. “I’m not thinking about the transfer market, right now I’m really happy at Juventus and the focus is simply winning all the titles here.” Dybala adds.

The Italian champions have been doing well for themselves since the beginning of this season. In their opening 12 Serie A matches and the Group H in the Champions League, including Manchester United, Juventus has shown their unbeaten streak of success.

Paulo Dybala has played a great role in Juventus success this season accumulating 6 goals in just 14 matches. Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri is leading the team to an upward trajectory which further misplaces the rumors of Dybala moving to another team at Juventus’ peak.

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