Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk Shares his Disproval for Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos with Dejan Lovren  

The feud of mouth between Dejan Lovren and Sergio Ramos has Liverpool’s Virgin van Dijk jumping in defense of teammate Lovren. The 27-year-old has expressed his sentiments on what kind of player Ramos is, saying he is not necessarily his “type of central defender.”

Ramos has made headlines along with Mohamed Salah with the arm hook that left the 26-year-old Egyptian badly injured during the Champions League final last May. Lovren believes the Real Madrid captain’s actions were a calculated risk towards Salah and Liverpool as a whole.

Van Dijk, on the other hand, was uncertain if the injury was a deliberate action. “I do not know if it was deliberate but mentally something changed when Salah came off” Virgin van Dijk added.

The Dutch footballer was highly critical of Ramos before the big game between Croatia’s Nations League match with Spain on Thursday night. On the other hand, Lovren did not hold back with the insults and posted on Instagram stories, a brief clip of him exclaiming “Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk now buddy. Buddy! They are a bunch of p******.” This remark followed with an insult in Croatian relaying that he “elbowed him good.”

Van Dijk did say in an interview with De Telegraaf that “He is a great player and I respect what he has achieved but he is not the best, he is not my type of central defender.”

He goes on to add “Ramos’ team-mate at Real Madrid, Raphael Varane is my favorite. He is an excellent defender and has already won a lot.”

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