Casino Gems: Behind the Beauty of Slot Machines

In the fast-paced, modern world we live in today, many people continue to search for solid sources of entertainment. Playing casino slot machines are one of those consistent entertainment sources. Around 80% of casino first-timers usually proceed to the slots upon arrival. Whether you play in casino or online in w88 live, the simplicity and even the chances of the slots continue to keep people enthralled.

The slots have definitely evolved throughout the years. From being in the bottom barrel of the casino chain to generating more than 70% of casino revenues, indeed, slot machines have changed the game of gambling. Playing with slot machines is as easy as 1-2-3.

The main objective is to basically drop coins into the slot, push the button or pull the handle and wait.  The beauty of the slots to new casino goers is that it provides them the comfort of avoiding reckless interaction with dealers in more complex table games.

Types of Slot Machines

There are several kinds of slot machines with corresponding denominations accepted. The most common kinds would have to be the penny and nickel videos games, as well as the quarter and dollar reel-spinning games.

Reel Spinning Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines

  • Can accumulate up to 2 or 3 coins at a time ($100)
  • How to operate

– Push the “play one credit” button until                     the player has reached the number of                     coins desired for playing.

– Hit the “spin reels” button

– Pull the handle on those few slots that                    still have handles.

–  Hit the “Play max credits” prompting the                   maximum coins allowed on the                                 particular machine.

  • Payout: 3,5, and even 9 payout lines

– Cherries, bars, double and triple bars,                       and  sevens

  •  No Pays

–  stops will land on blank reels which                         basically pays nothing

– a combination of bar-seven-double                            bar pays nothing


  •  Can accumulate 45,90, and 500 credits at a time
  • How to operate

– Fitted with currency acceptors where                       the player can slide a bill into the                             slot, followed by a corresponding                             amount of credits displayed on the                          meter.

– Push one button for the desired                                number of pay-lines to be activated.

– Push the second button for the                                number of credits wagered per line.

  • Payout: 5,15,20, 25,50 (25 coins per life for cut off)

–  Straight, V’s, upside down V’s, zigs                          and zags across the screen

  • Bonus rounds

– Free spins or a “second scree” bonus

– May be triggered by special symbols

  • Scatter Pay

–  2, 3 or more appear on the screen                           despite not being on the same pay                           line.

Upon landing a winning combination, the player’s win will automatically be added to the credit meter. The player may also press the “Cash Out” button if they want to collect coins.  The coins may still drop on trays for some machines or the print out a bar-coded ticket redeemable for cash.

Basic Slots Etiquette

It is best to remember that when playing the slots, common courtesy and basic human decency still applies. When in a packed casino, ensure to only play at one slot machine instead of taking turns in different machines to avoid running into trouble with players on break. If you’re a player on break, who briefly left for a bathroom break or to replenish, it’s advisable to leave a coat on the chair or tip the chair against the machine to signal passersby’s that the slot is occupied.

Outgoings and Wins

Many slot machines today are operated and developed by a microprocessor, compared to old slot machines which were operated mechanically. Payoffs in old machines were around $50.00 and $100.00, whereas today, payoffs would reach up to millions of dollars due to is electronically linked machines.

Since the slots are considered to be more systematic now when it comes to generating wins, the chances of scoring the jackpot is not a guarantee. The random-number generator continuously works, speeding through dozens of numbers per second. ‘

Plausible Strategies

Slot machines and their unpredictability is considered to be a factor of complexity when it comes to beating the system. Attempting to win a jackpot is highly unlikely but several techniques could be put into play if you wish to try.

  1. The Multiplier – aside from the jackpot, payoffs are proportioned to each coin played.
  • 1 coin = 10
  • 2 coins = 20
  • 3 coins = 30
  • 1 coin = 500
  • 2 coins = 1000
  • 3 coins = 10,000
  1. The Buy-A-Pay – avoid playing less than the maximum on a buy-a-pay on which coin each coin purchases a set of symbols or a payout line. All symbols are considered active with each coin.
  • 1st coin à may allow a cherry combination to win
  • 2nd coin à bar payouts
  • 3rd coin à activates the sevens
  • Zero payoff  – when a winning combination lines up on the third-coin payout line with only one or two coins played.
  1. The Progressive  – The player will have to play with the maximum coins on a progressive machine. Once lined up, the jackpot symbols garner a percentage of each coin played. With the modernized progressive machines present in most casinos across the world, jackpots are massive with a record setting $39,710, 826.26 a dollar progressive at a Las Vegas casino, thus the need to play with the maximum amount of coins in the attempt to score a jackpot.
  • Trade-off – small frequency and size of other payouts

Keeping Track of Your Money

When playing in the slots, persistent players often spend hours on the machine, garnering around 600 pulls an hour. One practical way to take control of your betting money is to allocate your slot bankroll into smaller session bankrolls. Once you have finished the allocated money for the set session, make sure to stop playing at all costs. This way, players won’t just entirely deplete their bankrolls, they will also practice a sense of self-control in a place that absolutely has no regard for it; a casino.

The Slots Trend

The game of slots is more than what it may seem. People tend to grow either cynical or excited when the idea of slot machines come up. Learning the ins and outs of the game will benefit you no matter what your experience level presents. The demand for skill is not necessarily required when it comes to playing slots, making the game a beginner’s favorite, while, consistently generating huge revenues for casinos.

Slot machines are electronically generated and continue to advance through time, strategies mentioned above will not necessarily guarantee an automatic win, but will help you as the player, further understand the intricacies of the game.

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