How to Make a Neteller Account for W88 Members

When playing at live casino games or simply dabbling in the slots, the first thing online game operators like W88 ask you to do after making an account is to deposit money into your account. Depositing money into your account allows you to transfer money into other wallets from your main wallet. This is doable by first, depositing money into your main wallet. W88 gives its members flexibility when it comes to depositing money into their w88 account.

A popular variant in money transferring will have to be Neteller, which many people trust and use for several transactions all over the world. Creating a Neteller account will allow you to make your initial deposit at w88 if you do not prefer bank transfers. The steps are as easy as 1-2-3 and can be done in just 10 minutes or less! Let me walk you through it…

Register for a Neteller Account in 3 Easy Steps

1. Visit their website and click “Join” on the homepage.


The first step in making a Neteller account is by visiting their website. The button in the middle of the page that says “Join for Free” brings ease and convenience to new users. By clicking this button, you are immediately brought to the sign-up form.

2. Fill in the necessary information.


The second step in creating a Neteller account is the most important step. It requires the user to fill in their valid information that Neteller will use to confirm your account. You must ensure that all information is correct from your e-mail address down to your mobile number.

Providing a strong password is also highly recommended since Neteller is an online tool used for monetary transactions which makes hacking into your Neteller account utmost risky. In order to validate your registration, you have the option to read the terms of use Neteller has for its users, along with their privacy policy. After going through them, click the small box to state that you agree with Neteller’s account regulations. Click “Open Account” at the bottom of the page to finish and proceed.

3. Registered account confirmation via e-mail


Once you have opened an account, the confirmation page will appear. To finalize your sign up, you must go to your email’s inbox and confirm your account registration by locating the procedures sent by Neteller. You may directly deposit money into your Neteller account or deposit, later on, the choice is yours.

The steps are simple, easy, and doable everywhere and anytime from whatever device you are using. Sign up for a Neteller account today to kick-start your gaming experience at w88.

>> Video tutorial on how to make a Neteller account for w88 members


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