The Reality Behind Every Great Shot

There is more than meets the eye they say. Beautiful images always come with a price after every perfect shot. It usually takes several shots before photographers get the best one. Some shots may even require models and subjects to take a risk. The following will prove such a statement.

10 Before and After Shots Everyone Should See

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1. The Aftermath

haha 1

2. The Angle

haha 2

3. The Timing

haha 3

Striking the perfect pose is a make it or break it moment for those in need of the perfect Instagram shot. This surfer definitely nailed the upside down standing pose, but obviously the second image proves the off balance effect. Whoops!

4. The Zoom

haha 4

5. The Close Up

haha 5

6. The Distance

haha 6

7. The Mud Slide

haha 7 8. The Illusion

haha 8

9. The “Bulge”

haha 9

10. Man Power

haha 10

The art of taking photos and instagram worthy posts entail creativity and sometimes even resourcefulness at that. These photos prove such for sure; it’s all about the angle and timing.

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