How to Transfer Money from Main to Game of Preference

The basics of how to deposit and withdraw money are all on the main tab of W88’s menu bar. When new players start to play their games of preference, they end up frustrated because after depositing money into their main W88 account, their balance is a 0.00 on the game board.

There’s one step new players tend to miss, and that is how to manage their accounts properly. If the player wishes to play in Club Massimo for a game of Baccarat, they will have to manually transfer a specific amount to the specific game they wish to play from. This article will provide new and potential players a guide on how to transfer money from the main account to their game of choice.

Transfer Funds in an Instant!

Register for a W88 Account: Link 1    –   Link 2    –     Link 3

STEP 1: Locate Fund $ on the uppermost part of the screen, then select Transfer.

Transfering Money 1

STEP 2: Select your Main Wallet and Wallet You Wish to Transfer Money into

You will then be directed to the Transfer page where you will see the main account balance. This is the amount you deposited in W88. The main account that is labeled “Locked” is the amount you gained including the bonuses you claimed and earned in playing W88 games. It can only be accessed once you withdraw a specific amount.

Transfering Money 2

Transfering Money 3

To transfer from the main account, go to the bottom part of the page and select Main.

Transfering Money 4

Proceed to the second tab below and select the game you want to place money in in order to play. In this case, Baccarat under Club Massimo is to be selected.

Transfering Money 5

The next step will then be to indicate the preferred amount to gamble within Club Massimo. Be sure to leave enough in the main account to balance your funds properly. In this case, 100 will be transferred to the Club Massimo account for playing money. Click Submit once everything is filled out.

STEP 3: Wait for the Transaction Notification at the bottom of the screen

Transfering Money 6


You will then be brought to the Transfer page again. Here, you will see a note in the very bottom stating the completion of your transaction. Be sure to check your balances and calculate to see if the transfer of the amount was accurate.

NOTE: If you are a new player, you may claim your bonus code on the promos page. For old members, be sure to check the promos page as well to see new bonuses and promotions you can use.

Manage Your Funds Properly

Keeping track of your balances and knowing how to manage your money in your W88 account is necessary to effectively participate in all games of your liking. Transferring money to your game of preference is made easy and accessible by W88.

All you have to do is be sure of the details you input as a player. When the need arises, compute the additions and deductions from your main balance. Do this to help you balance your funds with no careless error in the process.

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