10 Sports betting strategies to win upto RM900 daily

Learn 10 proven Sports betting strategies from the W88you experts to boost win rate by 98% in top sportsbooks. Earn RM900 daily with these sports betting hacks!

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Sports betting is something every sports fan should try at least once because regardless you wait for the end of the match in anticipation of a winner, so might as well gain real money from using sportsbooks like W88 Sports and Sports betting strategies like the ones mentioned below. With these 10 sports betting hacks from W88you will enhance your gameplay online in sportsbooks, boost your win rate to 98%, and lastly get your earnings up to RM900 daily.

10 sports betting strategies to win every time online

1. Think of a betting system to apply to your bankroll

  • The first important sports betting hack is making good use of betting systems on your bankroll simply to maintain your bankroll and play betting on more sports.
  • There are progressive betting systems where you must increase your wagering amount every time you win or lose to see progress in your bankroll at the end of your betting sessions.
  • Another kind of betting system is the non-progressive system where you must maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay so that you see progress in your bankroll over time and use limited amounts from your existing bankroll.

2. Wager using progressive systems like the D’Alembert method

  • Progressive betting systems seem to be a better option for instant results, however, they often are meant for high rollers and so, you must have a good amount of cash in your bankroll to play with these systems efficiently.
  • That being said, there are low-risk systems like the D’Alembert method which is progressive in nature wherein you have to increase your wager every time you lose a match bet by one unit so that when you win you get back some of the lost money as part of the payout.
  • After you win, you must then decrease the stake by one unit again to keep betting with the same bankroll while making progressive gains in your earnings daily.

10 w88you sports betting strategies to win every time

3. Go through the statistic betting charts before wagering

  • Sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook offer gamblers equipment that helps them make accurate predictions on the betting site and one such thing is the statistic betting charts.
  • Using statistical betting charts, you can see the outcomes of the previous matches played between the teams, get individual team and player stats, and also additional information like which team is stronger than the other.
  • This information can help you wager on the team with more chances of winning and thus would help you make accurate bets almost every time you decide to wager on a sports match online.

4. Make use of the live-streaming option for in-play betting

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, another equipment in the sportsbook would be the live-streaming option which you can make use of after creating an account on your betting site.
  • This lets you watch the match, make observations, and then bet on the best changing odds immediately for in-play betting to enhance the overall thrills.
  • Using sportsbooks on sites like W88 Malaysia would provide you with quality streaming services that you can use for in-play betting so create an account in the W88 Register today.

10 sports betting strategies to win every time in top sportsbook

5. Bet on lower odds for guaranteed wins for the match

  • If you’re new to betting and do not really know if your observations are correct, then you can make use of the betting odds provided in the sportsbook for the betting options to predict the bet winners.
  • Higher odds pay out more as the chances of the team winning are less and the risk is high, but lower odds pay less since the chances of the team winning are more but the risk is low. To know more, check out this detailed How Odds Work in Sports Betting article.
  • Thus, going for lower odds in the betting options is a good Sports betting strategy as here you get to wager with accuracy and win something in return rather than losing your entire betting stake.

6. Try the bets that wager on both teams instead of one

  • The next one of the sports betting strategies is to wager on the betting options more which lets you predict the results of both teams instead of one.
  • For instance, the Over/Under betting option which is one of the main options lets you wager on the end results of both teams to be over or more than a certain margin, or under or less than a certain margin.
  • Another betting option you will find in sportsbooks for Football Betting Online is the Double Chance option where you get to wager on any two out of three outcomes of the match, which would mean that you can bet on the possibility of any one of both teams winning in the 12 sub-betting option.

w88you 10 sports betting strategies to win every time

7. Make use of an online betting guide for tutorials

  • When you are a beginner, there could be many Sports Betting Terms, betting options, etc. that you may need explanations for and sometimes even detailed tutorials on how to wager and what to expect.
  • Thus, using a betting guide which is available online as a site is a very good sports betting hack that you can use as you can get information from this betting site for many things including promotion updates.
  • W88you Malaysia is one such betting site that caters to beginner as well as pro gamblers offering you quality content on sports and casino betting tutorials, explanations, and other information online.

8. Use a sportsbook with both Asian and European windows

  • In online betting sites, there are different kinds of sportsbooks that you can make use of for betting online based on your preferences.
  • However, we recommend going for sportsbooks that offer both European and Asian betting windows so that you can get match updates from across the globe and not specific regions and thus you can learn How to Play Sportsbook betting on different kinds of matches from different sports.
  • That being said, the W88 website gives you BTi, SABA C, A-Sports, and other sportsbooks that you can use to wager on with different windows as well as different sportsbooks for ESports and Virtual sports betting online.

sports betting strategies to win every time by W88you

9. Make use of online sportsbook bonuses on first deposits

  • As one of the helpful sports betting strategies, it is extremely important to pick a sports betting site that gives you member bonuses that expand in quantity over time.
  • This is important as it will help you boost your account wallet for making minimum deposits without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets.
  • For instance, the W88 Promotion deal gives its new members a 100% up to RM1,088 sportsbook bonus that they can use to boost their betting account wallets on the first deposit for sportsbook products.

10. Learn more about the sports outside the sportsbook

  • Lastly, when you are playing sports betting online, knowing the rules of the game is not really enough to ace your wins and boost your winning rate up to 98% and earn about RM900 daily.
  • Thus an one of the important Sports Betting Tips is to learn more about the sports you are wagering on outside the sportsbook as you can get an edge with the helpful information in the betting world online.
  • These information must include knowledge about hot matches taking place, updates on team statuses, player exchange, league winning and losing streaks, etc.

10 sports betting strategies to win every time by W88you


Using these 10 proven Sports Betting Strategies can help you win big in the long run for any sports matches online. Using these sports betting hacks you can boost your win rate and earn big on most matches you wager on. That being said, it is important that you modify this sportsbook strategy according to your preferences to enhance the thrills of gambling online. That being said, keep visiting W88you, the no.1 betting guide in Malaysia for more sportsbook strategy tips and tricks, along with simple betting tutorials online.

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