Premier League Grounds to be used as make-shift hospitals to help the NHS to combat COVID-19

With more than 30,000 confirmed cases in the United Kingdom, the whole country is trying its best to contain the virus and with helpful allies like the Premier League, and elite football clubs, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea, the efforts to fight COVID-19’s spread in the United Kingdom is happening.

The three prestigious football clubs among many others have been working with the NHS to find ways and expel the pandemic looming all over the country and the world. Stadiums have virtually handed off access to hospitals that need to use the space to quarantine infected patients and suspected cases for observation and treatment.

How are the stadiums being used?

The Daily Mail reports that Tottenham’s underground car park will be used as a drive-thru coronavirus testing center. Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium is being used as training grounds for nurses, and plausibly a field hospital in the coming weeks.

The Manchester Central exhibition center is currently being used as another extension for a field hospital, while the Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge is being used to host NHS staff where almost all of the 72 rooms will be used by healthcare workers.  The Tottenham Spurs have made the effort to provide medics with equipment and accommodation to NHS workers.

There’s a ton more in the works between the NHS and several football clubs to further ease the burdens COVID-19 has brought to the health care and medical industry. As the Premier League remains suspended, the league is spending productive time to find ways on how to help the frontliners of COVID-19 from their very homes. Footballers and managers are spreading the word on self-quarantining and staying home on social media, small yet encouraging efforts to unite the UK in the fight to combat the notorious COVID-19.

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