12 Hilarious TikTok Memes to Laugh at during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Sitting at home figuring out what to do during a lockdown and quarantine, figuring out what to do at home can be a doozy. Deciding how to entertain yourself by making a Tik Tok account is an option that could either make or break your social media sanity. With so many entertaining yet questionable TikTok content online, you really gotta decide whether you’re one of the funny and amusing ones, or simply the annoying meme-able ones. Take below for example:

What type of TiktTok-er would you be?

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What’s the final verdict?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a TikTok, it’s a fun app that keeps people entertained and people dancing and laughing in a time where the world is in a crisis. However, best consider your social media followers and friends whether or not they would be amused by your content or just disturbed, but who knows! Maybe this is your golden ticket to online fame?

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