Neymar’s Move to Real Madrid from PSG Paves a Way for Rivaldo’s Comments

There’s been controversy with regards to Neymar’s move to Real Madrid, with fans worrying that the 27-year-old player is subject for “betrayal” to former club Barcelona. The Brazilian star player is on the lookout for a route out of PSG this summer after his consistent struggle with the team. His whopping and record-breaking £198million transfer to PSG from Barcelona is one that has gotten him far in his career.

There have been some talks that he is considering going back to Ernesto Valverde’s team but this time around, the 27-yar-old is strongly leaning towards Real Madrid which has former football star Rivaldo making comments on Neymar’s defense.  In a statement he made to Betfair, Rivaldo said, “Of course, I would prefer to see him back to Barcelona but if he ends up at Real Madrid it will also be a big move for him. For now, what is clear is the player’s desire to leave PSG. With two big Spanish clubs competing for him, he should be even more eager to fly away from Paris.”

“If Zinedine Zidane signs Neymar for Real Madrid, I won’t see it as a betrayal. Neymar left Barcelona to sign for PSG and now could fly to Madrid, so it’s not the same as if he had left Barca for Madrid.” Rivaldo adds.

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