Liverpool’s 15-match Winning Streak is Not Enough Says Trent Alexander-Arnold

Right-back player Trent Alexander-Arnold is one who spoke for Liverpool most recently, expressing the need for his teammates to step up the game despite being an unbeatable team. Under Jurgen Klopp’s leadership, Liverpool is urged to stay consistent in maintaining their winning streak in the Premier League but without compromising their stance and concentration.

Their 2-1 victory against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last Saturday proved the team’s unstoppable yearning for greatness. Alexander-Arnold opened the scoring with a remarkable free-kick and helped lead Liverpool home with another win, proving their constant need to stay relentless as a force in the league. “We are just trying to stay as fit as possible and be as relentless as possible to carry on winning and competing on all fronts, ‘It’s all about the mentality of the team,” Alexander Arnold tells the official Liverpool website.

“Obviously 15 wins in a row is something to be proud of, but we know we need to keep on going and keep pushing ourselves even further.” He adds. Come Wednesday, Klopp’s men will be headed to compete in the Carabao Cup against MK Dons, prior to returning to Sheffield United on Saturday.

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