Terror Ensues as Chelsea Refuses to Sell Tickets to Fans for Upcoming Ajax Match

October 24 is going to be a big day for Chelsea and Ajax fans with a huge Champions League match up and coming. However, from the looks of it, Chelsea itself is aware of the violent tendencies their fans have during big game days, thus their decision to halt the sale of tickets during the general sale date. This decision was made due to their fears of fans shoving their way into the home stadium, leading to uncontrollable brawls and further trouble on game day.

To date, only 833 tickets were released for sale to Ajax fans and supporters, which doesn’t remove the speculation and desperation of others to watch the big game. The Safety Advisory Group influenced the team’s decision to halt ticket sales and instead encourages season ticket holders to purchase their own seats till the deadline, October 16 at 5 pm, a week prior to the match.

The following day, October 17, those who are season ticket holders but have not bought a seat will be able to purchase another seat of their preference but only if another fellow season ticket holder has not yet bought the seat. On a loyalty point basis, tickets will be made available for purchase on the last sale day, October 18th.

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