Play like a Pro: How to Play Fast 3 in W88 Lottery in 3 Easy Steps

Finding the best lottery game can be tough because lottery games are designed to keep placing bets until you make a win. At w88, members are given the chance to understand the mechanics of every game with useful tutorials. Fast 3 is a game that gives members the chance to casually place bets on number combinations and be challenged by the strategy required in every lottery game. Maximize your betting experience at w88 and try your luck at Fast 3 in just a tap of a button!

3 Simple Steps in Playing Fast 3 in W88

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STEP 1: Select Lottery on the Menu Bar and Click Fast 3

Members and avid lottery players must select Lottery in the menu bar. Find “Fast 3” in the drop-down and decide whether to play on trial mode or play with real money.

STEP 2: Select Your Table of Preference and Start Betting

Once you’ve selected your mode of play, select which table in which you wish to place wagers in.

STEP 3: Input your preferred bet and Ensure to Confirm Bets

Fast 3 is simple lottery game played using 3 dice. Each draw has 3 winning number from 1 to 6. Once the bettor has selected which category in which they want to bet in, they have the option to auto-pick 1 bet or 5 bets at a time. Ensure that you confirm bets and click “OK” when the follow up pop-up message appears.

Note that the categories in which the bettor can bet can be selected manually and placed wagers for consecutively.

Fast 3 Lottery Game at W88

Lottery games at w88 are simple, quick, and easy to learn, giving players the leeway to bet on their favorite games of choosing. W88 tutorials are also accessible to all members to further understand the process of placing wagers in live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and sportsbooks with superb video tutorials for guidance. Placing wagers on Fast 3 at w88 lottery is a sure-fire way of getting that quick win and gaming fix in just a tap of a button.

Tutorial Video on How to Play Fast 3 at W88 Lottery Games


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