Play like a Pro: How to Play So De in W88 Lottery in 3 Easy Steps

Lottery games in w88 are easy to come by. From Keno, Lotto, to Fast 3 and The Ladder, w88 members are given easy access to a variety of lottery games every month and on a seasonal basis. Players can choose between regular Keno or W Keno and avid lotto fans can try out new games like So De.

So De is another variation of a lottery game where players just have to properly match numbers based on 8 sets of results. The player’s ability to gauge the predictability would be an edge in So De. However, it’s up to the player how they wish to strategize according to their desired bets. Below is a 3 step tutorial w88 members should take note of.

3 Simple Steps in Playing So De in W88

Register an Account at W88:   Link 1   –   Link 2   –    Link 3

STEP 1: Select Lottery on the Menu Bar and Click So De

After successfully logging into your w88 account, select Lottery on the menu bar and decide if you wish to play for real or to play on trial mode. For this scenario, click Try Now to proceed to trial mode before betting with real money.

STEP 2: Select Your Table of Preference and Start Betting

W88 members will then be brought to a new window with a choice between playing on Super So De or Turbo So De, depending on how quick you wish to play the game. For this scenario, click on Super So De and proceed with “Play Now.”

W88 players will then be directed to the lottery table and will display the betting types they can choose from. There’s the Roll, Special 3D, Special 2D, Special, Parlay, and Fail Parlay to choose from, in this scenario click on “Roll” to bet on smaller number variations.

STEP 3: Place Your Desired Wager on the Bet Slip and Wait for the Confirmation Memo

Once you’ve selected your numbers, click on the betting slip on the right side of the screen and key in your stake amount of preference.  Make sure to click “Confirm” below to proceed with your bet, wait for the confirmation memo to proceed on betting some more.

So De Lottery Game at W88

Lottery games at w88 are simple, quick, and easy to learn, giving players the leeway to bet on their favorite games of choosing. W88 tutorials are also accessible to all members to further understand the process of placing wagers in live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and sportsbooks with superb video tutorials for guidance. Placing wagers on So De at w88 lottery is a sure fire way of getting that quick win and gaming fix in just a tap of a button.

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