Lionel Messi’s Barca Squad Traveled to Liverpool in Style but Went Home with No Final Victory

Barcelona was up against Liverpool yesterday in a Champions League semifinal match leaving Barcelona at a loss of 0-4. Ernesto Valverde’s team may have gone home without a victorious spirit but on the way to Meyerside last Monday, the Barca squad was quite confident and even shot traveling in style.

Some people were able to catch the Barcelona boys in their dapper grey club suits at departure in the Catalonia airport. The Fresco suits everyone in the club sported amounted to a grand total of £4,200 per player, which every team member in Barcelona wore to every Champions League match this past season. The whopping sum of  £100,000 was the total cost of twenty custom made Fresco suits, including their manager Ernesto Valverde who got his own suit to wear as well.

The two and a half hour flight to Merseyside was quite a treat for the squad with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez captured sipping tea and living the high life of victors on air. Unfortunately, the flight back won’t be the same as the Barca boys going home with a massive loss against Jurgen Klopp’s team. Messi, the team’s star player was caught in tears after the match and was inconsolable for the rest of Tuesday night.

The Champions League final in Madrid was snatched by Liverpool in an astounding comeback win that left Barca heartbroken. Barca had a three-goal lead in the Champions League but immediately lost it in the away leg, affecting Messi’s supposed fifth placeholder in his four Champions League titles.

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