Liverpool’s Mo Salah Possibly Concussed and Might Not Be Fit Enough for Barcelona Clash

The New Castle and Liverpool game yesterday has brought Liverpool a loss, and inconveniently, a severe injury for Mo Salah. The 26-year-old has been reported to have undergone some tests on Sunday to figure out whether he suffered a concussion following a sickening collision that left the player unresponsive after a knockdown with Martin Dubravka from New Castle.

Salah has carried off a stretcher during New Castle’s winning moment after goalkeeper Dubravka collided with him in the 67th minute of the game. The Egyptian footballer required extensive medical attention on the pitch but was able to watch the remainder of the game in the dressing room. Liverpool’s medical team is headed by Dr. Andy Massey and was with Salah during the teams down session.

When defender from New Castle, Fabian Schar came to check on a knocked out Salah, he was said to have been “out for five or six seconds’ and could not respond when Schar asked if he was okay, according to Dubravka.

The Slovakian goalkeeper for New Castle was quite flustered over Salah’s fall and explained his side of the story. “I felt sorry for him but I was just focused on the ball. Sometimes you can’t watch everything. I didn’t hit him with my hand, I didn’t punch him. It might have been my hip. I wasn’t sure if it was me or someone else. But I went to him to say sorry. I wasn’t trying to injure him. I’m not that kind of guy.” Dubravka says.

With Salah’s critical injury becoming a liability to Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp’s men will have to face Barcelona come Tuesday without their star player. Liverpool will have to double their efforts with Salah possibly not being able to make the match and striker Roberto Firmino who will also not be in the match due to an adductor issue.

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