Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning explained with W88 Sport examples

Learn Asian handicap 3.5 meaning with simple explanation & quick W88 example from W88you. Get a 3-step guide to earning money with W88 sport + RM30 free credit.

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Asian Handicap is a betting option in sportsbook that seem difficult to play which in reality is not the case. This is because the handicap betting options along with betting odds, give you more details on which team could win the match yet maintain the thrills of gambling at the same time. So, to understand the handicap betting options visit W88you where we have a series of handicap sub-options explained using the W88 sportsbook. In this article, we will be focusing on the Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning in betting using soccer match examples.

What is Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning in betting

Getting straight to the point, let us help you understand the handicap 3.5 meaning by first looking into the meaning of handicap in football betting. The handicap betting option is given to those matches that are played between stronger and underdog teams. Although most sports matches are played with players with equal strength sometimes there is a strength difference and to even things out the stronger teams get a handicap goal marking while the underdog teams get a headstart goal marking in the sportsbook.

w88 asian handicap 3.5 explained

So, in Handicap Betting in Football, 3.5 is the goal difference between both teams, where the stronger team is given a handicap of -3.5 goals, and the underdog team is given a headstart of +3.5 goals in the sportsbook. This – and + goal difference will be deducted or added to the real match results of the teams, respectively. So, the handicap scoring only applies to sportsbooks and does not take the real match results literally. To understand this further, we have divided the handicap 3.5 meaning into its two sub-betting option below, which is handicap -3.5 and handicap +3.5 using the example in the image above.

Soccer match examples of Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning

In the image above, Liverpool was given a handicap of -3.5 goals and Brentford was given a headstart of +3.5 goals in the sportsbooks of W88. The reason we choose W88 as the betting example here is that it has a very beginner-friendly interface which makes things easier to use. Moreover, using W88 as a member could help you get a W88 Free Credit of up to RM30 for verifying your account.

Liverpool has a handicap of -3.5 goals in the sportsbook

This means that Liverpool has to score goals more than 3.5 and win the real match for the bets placed on Liverpool to win.

w88 asian handicap 3.5 disadvantage explained

Bets on Liverpool would win if the team scores 4 or more goals in the real match and win the match. The bets on Liverpool would lose if the team scores 3 or less than 3 goals in the real match. So, if the team scores 5 goals, then 5 – 3.5 = 1.5 goals in the Sportsbook.

Brentford has a headstart of +3.5 goals in the sportsbook

This means that Brentform has to lose the real match by less than 3.5 goals, draw the match, or win the real match for the bets placed on Brentford to win.

w88 asian handicap 3.5 advantage explained

The bets on Brentform would win if the team loses the match by 3 or fewer goals, win the match, or draw the real match for bets on them to win. The bets would lose if Bretford loses the match by 4 or more goals. So, if Bretford loses the match with a 3-0 score, then 0 + 3.5 = 3.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Use these 3 steps to play Asian Handicap 3.5 at W88

Now that you have understood the Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning, let us jump right into the next section where we give you a simple 3-step betting guide on how to play the Asian Handicap 3.5 bets in the sportsbooks of W88. Joining W88 has many benefits but one of the best ones is the W88 Promotion bonus of up to RM1,288 you can get upon making a new account in the W88 register.

Step 1: Register an account to pick a sportsbook

  • First it is important that you own an account on the W88 official site, so you must click on ‘Join‘ to create an account by accessing the registration form. Fill out the form with the required details accurately for W88 security purposes.
  • If you already have a W88 account, then click on ‘Login‘ to access the pop-up box where you must enter your W88 login credentials.

w88 register 3.5 handicap betting explained

  • Once you have completed the registration process in the W88 Register on the official site, you must click or move your mouse over the ‘Sports‘ product from the Menubar on the homepage.
  • This will give you access to all the available sportsbooks at W88 so here you can pick your preferred sportsbook and move on to the next step. Here, we went with the eSports Asian sportsbooks as the betting stakes start from RM5 only which is a pretty good pocket-friendly amount for sports betting.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook as you prefer

  • Now that you have selected a sportsbook of your choice, you will find yourself on the page where you will find betting options and their odds for different matches, so you must filter the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ from the left side of your screens.
  • As you can see, you can also filter the sportsbook based on matches from the Live, Today, Early Market or Outright lists.

w88 register 3.5 handicap betting

  • Then, you must scroll down to locate a match with Asian Handicap 3.5 option in the W88 Sportsbook. Once done, you must click on the match and move to the next step.
  • Since betting on the Early Market can help you get better odds, here we decided to go with a match from the Portugal Primeira Liga played between Braga and CD Santa Clara, where the former has a handicap of -3.5 goals while the latter has a headstart of +3.5 goals.

Step 3: Lock in your bets in the bet slip

In the last step, you will find yourself on the page with all the betting options for the match you selected, so scroll down and find the Full Time Asian Handicap or FT Asian Handicap option.

From here, click on your preferred sub-betting option, which means that you must choose from Handicap -3.5 or Handicap +3.5 options.

w88 asian handicap 3.5 soccer betting explained

  • This will open a bet slip where you can see the handicap sub-betting option and betting odds. So now, enter the betting stake in the given slot to see how much payout returns you would get if your bet wins. If you are satisfied with the bet, then you must click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock your bets in the sportsbook for the match.
  • In the image above we went with the Handicap -3.5 sub-option given to Braga with betting odds of 3.84. So, using the minimum betting stake of RM5, we will get a payout of RM19.20 if the bet wins. Now all that is left to do is sit back and watch the match in anticipation of the results.

2 possible cases of Asian Handicap 3.5 bets with given odds

Now that you know the Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning and betting guide, let us look at the two possible case scenarios when it comes to the Asian Handicap 3.5 bets we placed in the tutorials. The reason there are only 2 scenarios that could happen is that there is a .5 in the handicap goal difference. In cases, where are no .5 decimal goal differences, there is a third scenario where a Tie is involved. So, using some Handicap Football Betting Tips and the given odds, let us see how our bets above would turn out.

Wagered on Braga -3.5 @ 3.84Wagered on CD Santa Clara + 3.5 @ 1.22
w88 asian handicap 3.5 disadvantage oddsw88 asian handicap 3.5 advantage odds
Condition: The team needs to win the real match by 4 or more goals for bets placed on them to winCondition: The team needs to lose the match by 3 or fewer goals, draw the match, or win the match for bets on them to win
Betting odds: 3.84Betting odds: 1.22
Betting stake: RM5Betting stake: RM5
If the bet wins: Payout of RM19.20 is receivedIf the bet wins: Payout of RM6.10 is received
If the bet losses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet losses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the higher the betting stake, the more payout we will receive thanks to the fact that the betting odds are multiplied by the betting stakes to estimate the payouts. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that higher odds are given to the teams that have fewer chances of winning according to the bookies, and since the risk of betting on them is higher, the reward if they surprisingly win is higher. Based on these facts and the handicap conditions, you should make your choice of selecting a sub-betting option in handicap bets when playing.


This was the Asian Handicap 3.5 Meaning explained in simple terms using examples from the W88 sportsbook. Joining W88 is easy and claiming the bonus to boost your account is instant. But to keep winning consistently then you will need a betting guide like W88you where we introduce pro insights on sportsbook and casino products by giving you tips, tricks, strategies, tutorials, and more!

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