How to win online Football betting everyday with simple tips

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Online sports betting on soccer matches in sportsbooks like W88 is something everybody enjoys as it makes you feel like a part of the game from the sidelines. In fact, betting on sports like football matches is the most enjoyable way to play sports betting online as you get to watch the match and bet by making predictions to win some extravagant cash payouts. But to be consistent in your wins and to help you place successful bets everyday, here are 10 ways how to win online football betting easily.

how to win football betting online easily

1. Stay up to date with the hot football matches

  • The first tip on the list is to learn about the hot football matches that can help you win big. This is because hot football matches are the most anticipated matches by fans across the globe and thus they offer better betting odds.
  • Hot matches are those football matches where there are two strong teams in the football world competing against each other. The El Classico matches played between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two rivals in football, is one such example.
  • Joining W88 by creating an account in the W88 Register is one way of understanding and getting updates on the top hot matches with the best odds you can get in sportsbooks.

2. Know which leagues are most preferred

  • Understanding the hot matches for better odds is one thing but knowing which leagues are the most preferred can also help you bag a good amount of cash when it comes to a tip on how to win online football betting everyday.
  • This is because top leagues would give you consistent hot matches played between teams and so, following the match timings in the leagues could help you place more bets on better odds in a successful way.
  • Some of the top leagues in Football Betting Online Malaysia you must look out for are the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Primeira Liga, etc. These leagues also help you understand which teams are good and which ones are the underdogs in football.

how to win football betting online every day

3. Learn how to bet with a set bankroll

  • Another important thing that beginner gamblers should understand is the amount of money they will need to place bets on matches. This can help in avoiding overspending and thus, can save you from unnecessary financial issues.
  • Betting on top matches or leagues requires you to maintain a set bankroll, especially when it comes to leagues because you may be playing sports betting on football almost everyday.
  • Thus, it is important for you to calculate how much money you are ready to spend on sports betting online. It is also important to understand when learning how to win online football betting that higher stakes offer higher payout as it is multiplied by the odds.

4. Play the main Over/Under bets more

  • Many bettors often go for the 1X2 betting option which is probably the most exciting betting option in the sportsbook as it is for predicting the main outcome of the match. Besides, since this is the main betting option, it pays out well.
  • However, the Football Over Under main betting option is the easiest to play and receives around the same payout and so, as a beginner, this is the best betting option to go with.
  • The over/under betting option in football is to predict whether the total score of both teams would be over or more than a certain margin or whether it would be under or less than the margin. Thus, by using previous match results offered in your sportsbook as well as betting odds, predicting which option would win is easier than other main bets.

how to win football betting online in sportsbook

5. Use Double Chance bets to increase win rate

  • Another way how to win online football betting is to use the double chance bets instead of the 1X2 betting option as this is the best way to increase your chances of winning. Understand What is Double Chance in Betting with our detailed article.
  • The Double Chance betting option can be considered as a side betting option, however, here you get to predict on 2 out of 3 outcomes which are whether the match would end with Team 1 winning or a Tie, whether it would end with Team 2 winning or a Tie, or whether the outcome of the match would be with Team 1 or Team 2 winning.
  • Yes, under the Double Chance betting option, you can bet on the chances of both teams winning or either of the teams winning with there being a possibility of a tie in the match. This makes the Double Chance bets easier to win.

6. Bet on 1X2 by understanding handicap conditions

  • Alright, we agree that many gamblers find thrills in betting on the 1X2 bets and so, here is a way how to win online football betting on this option, and you can do this by simply understanding the handicap conditions of a match.
  • The handicap betting conditions basically give the stronger teams a negative goal handicap while the underdog team gets a positive goal headstart. Thus, the real match score of the teams is deducted or increased in the sportsbook, respectively.
  • With this, you understand which team has a better chance of winning the real match, which is obviously the stronger team, and so if the odds are in their favor, you can select a Football 1X2 option from the 1, X, or 2 sub-betting options.

how to win football betting online

7. Bet mostly on the second half of the match

  • Sports betting sites like W88, besides offering W88 Promotion bonuses on sportsbooks, also offer sportsbooks with live streaming options which makes it easier to watch matches and bet together.
  • So, as a beginner, you should make use of this feature and follow the next how to win online football betting tip, where you observe the game for a while to understand which team is playing well and bet on the options in the second half of the match.
  • This is of course only applicable when you are playing live betting on ongoing matches and so, this is a feature that can ensure how to win online football betting successfully.

8. Learn to analyze statistical reports of matches

  • The next Football betting tip is extremely important and something you should do for almost every match you decide to bet on.
  • This betting tip is to analyze the statistical reports of previous matches played by the teams in sportsbooks where you can see which of the two teams has won more matches than the other.
  • If you go for hot matches where strong teams are competing against each other, then betting odds may seem difficult to play with and so, you can consult the statistics of previous matches to make your predictions easily. Using W88 Sportsbook can help you get updated statistics for every football match.

how to win football betting online easily every day

9. Bet on Early Markets for better odds

  • Although live betting enhances the thrills of gambling and makes it easier to predict which team is playing the match better than the other, placing early market bets in soccer is a good way to receive higher payouts.
  • Early Markets or Early betting options in sportsbooks give you odds for the main betting options based on the early predictions of the bookies. Based on these existing odds, the odds change by increasing or decreasing based on the real match.
  • Thus, to lock your bets on higher odds for higher payouts, you should bet on early markets when the odds for the teams are high. Some sportsbooks give you the option to accept better odds as well, so if you wish to do so then make sure to enable this option.

10. Learn to love the sport before placing bets

  • Last but not least, to understand which team has a better chance of winning in the sportsbook to know how to win online football betting is to simply and truly enjoy the soccer sport.
  • Most people play football betting for the money however, when you understand and genuinely like football you will automatically be up to date with the small to big information and insights on strong teams from the leagues, top players, etc. of the sports which makes betting easier.
  • Of course, you do not have to force this but it is wise to know more about football sports, its teams, and its players, to place bets in sportsbooks accurately to win easily and successfully everyday.

how to win football betting online successfully


This was all about How to Win Online Football Betting using 10 tips by W88you experts. Creating an account on sites like W88 by making a quick W88 Register is an additional tip we will leave you with because with this you can get a W88 promotion bonus of up to RM1,288 which you can use for betting on football matches without using a lot of money from your own pockets. Lastly, using online betting guides like W88you is a great way to get pro insights on football trends in sports betting online.

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