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Introduction to Football 1×2 betting at W88

Many novices or new to sports betting bettors may find themselves looking at the available markets and wondering, “What is 1X2 betting?” Well, In W88  football, 1X2 betting is the most prevalent, and it is betting on the result of a match with three possible outcomes: home win, away win, and a draw.


Full-Time Result, Match Betting, or Three-Way Bet are all terms used to describe this market. If you’re still perplexed, here’s a more in-depth explanation.

  • The 3 possible results of a match between 2 teams are represented by the numbers 1, 2, and X.
  • This means that 1 denotes a home victory, 2 denotes an away victory, and X denotes a tie.

3 points to know why Football 1×2 is the easiest betting to win

In football betting, the 1X2 market is the most popular. Why? Below are the 3 main reasons. Know about the various types of odds & how odds work in sports betting at W88.

  1. For starters, it’s one of the more traditional techniques to make a bet on, but it’s also a market that appeals to both experienced and professional gamblers. 
  2. Another reason for this is that analysis can be conducted swiftly to determine whether the odds being given have ‘worth.’ 
  3. Lastly, there is no rocket science involved and beginners can grasp the basics of Football 1×2 betting in no time.

3 steps on how to place W88 football 1×2 bets

W88 newbies can start their W88 football 1×2 betting adventure by following this simple 3 step approach. Learn how betting works in sports to get a clear idea of sports betting at W88.

Step 1: Visit the official W88 website & login

  • New to W88? To begin, go to W88 Register & open a account, then follow the given below steps.
  • Members who have already joined can use their username and password to access their W88 accounts.


  • Go to the sports tab in the navigation bar after successfully logging in.
  • W88 features several different sports betting markets, each with a different coverage of sports to bet on.
  • W88you suggests esports(Asia) since it provides high-odds football betting events.

Step 2: Select a soccer league under e-sports

  • You’ll be excited to enter the world of spectacular sports betting games once you click on esports Asia.


  • Look for soccer and then choose your preferred league from the list on the left.
  • We’ll go for the live events because it will help you understand the odds more clearly.
  • After that, pick your favorite team and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Place bets on W88 football 1×2

  • Finally, you’re all set to begin your thrilling W88 football 1×2 betting journey.
  • Now you need to choose the type of bet you wish to place & click it.
  • We’ll concentrate just on 1×2 because that’s what we’re talking about.


  • You’ll see a betting slip on the left side where you may enter the amount and see the return wale.
  • Place bets to confirm your wagers & collect your winnings.

You may also visit handicap betting in football, and understand it’s working in detail.

Lyon is represented by the 1 in the full time Result market because they are the home team. The away team, Monaco, is symbolized by the 2, and the draw is X. When looking at the odds, Lyon is the clear favorite at 3.25. With odds of 2.25, Monaco is the underdog, while the draw is set at 3.00.

How to calculate the odds of W88 football 1×2?

Let us consider the E-soccer live event match between Lyon and Monaco as an example, using odds from W88. Since we have selected Lyon vs Monaco as an instance, let’s calculate the odds & predict our winnings.

We’ll consider RM20 as the base amount and check the odds for all 3 betting options: 1, x, 2. Ready? Let’s begin! Click W88 Football over/under and understand the odds of o/u at W88 football.

Note: Since we are checking the odds of a live match, the odds get changed every second. Do not get confused while calculating the below odds.

Case 1: Wager RM20 on Lyon with odds at 9.25


  • If Lyon wins: You will get 9.50 X 20 = RM190 in return.
  • If Lyon loses: You’ll lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. RM20.

Case 2: Wager RM20 on draw with odds at 3.00


  • If the match ends in a draw: You will get 3.00 X 20 = RM60 in return.
  • Else: You’ll lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. RM20.

Case 3: Wager RM20 on Monaco with odds at 1.04


  • If Monaco wins: You will get 1.04 X 20 = RM20.8 in return.
  • If Monaco loses: You’ll lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. RM20.

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The charm of W88 football1X2 betting stems from the format’s simplicity. You now know what a 1X2 betting market is and how to calculate your payoff, giving you the highest possibility of profiting on your bet. Football is the most obvious & popular sport in which the 1X2 betting market is used, but it is far from the only one. Visit W88 Malaysia now to find the best odds & begin betting. Happy gambling!

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