Cristiano Ronaldo Up for His Sixth Ballon d’Or Award?

It’s no doubt that 34-year-old Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo is up for another Ballon d’Or award, which could be his sixth one if he wins this year. At the scale of his performances throughout the season, Ronaldo’s recent Nations League award, Serie A award, and Italian Super Cup with Juventus makes it even more possible.

Ronaldo left Real Madrid last season and moved to Turin to join Maurizio Sarri’s team. He finished Serie A with a whopping 21 goals and still managed to score 6 additional goals despite Juventus being knocked out of the Champions League quarter-finals by Ajax. During his stint at the Nations League where he represented Portugal, he scored 3 more goals in just 2 appearances.

Indeed, the rate at which Ronaldo is going can definitely make him another prestigious Ballon d’Or recipient. With that much awards and recognitions at hand, many question his “obsession” with such accolades but when asked by Marca, the 34-year-old superstar only had to say, “I don’t live with an obsession about awards, My numbers don’t lie, this year I’ve won three titles and I’ve been good in the Nations League.  What else can I do?”

The year is not over and there’s much more than Ronaldo can do to surprise the football community, nevertheless, all there’s left to do is wait and see if 2019 will be his sixth year of receiving a Ballon d’Or since 2008.

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